“Intercultural Patchwork” – Países: Espanha, Portugal, Polónia, Escócia, República Checa, Itália, Turquia.



Mobilidade à Escócia (Maio 2011)

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Mobilidade à Turquia (Março 2011)

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IP: Intercultural Patchwork: Open your mind and look at other countries, localities nearby and far away ( Spain , Cyprus, Portugal , Czech Republic , Italy , Scotland , Turkey ). You will see that we have simmilarities but also differences. Differences, far from being an obstacle, enrich us and contribute to our personal and social growing. This intercultural project is a great opportunity for adult learners and staff to communicate, exchange and celebrate diversity via internet (e-mail correspondence, chat, blogs, skype and videoconference) which, at the same time, will improve their ICT skills. This approach between different lands with their own  local cultures and heritage will help us to build up the common European patchwork, which will be available for everybody in the web of the project. Our final product, an interactive multimedia DVD will be a step forward in this knowledge and spreading of local cultures and heritage as it will be disseminated to educational institutions, libraries and local communities to increase their awareness on European dimension. Working hand to hand with different nationalities will also be a great way of developing their language knowledge, vocabulary and everyday English.

Adult learners and staff can get new "know hows", take up motivating innovative approaches and use this experience to improve their job prospects, so important in a time of global economical problem.

All this will contribute to their lifelong learning from a practical, active and creative point of view.