Mobilidade à Irlanda (Projecto Let’s do It Creatively)

Let´s do it creatively – Países: Irlanda, Portugal, Turquia, Roménia, República Checa, Espanha, Reino Unido, Malta

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Mobilidade à Irlanda (Junho / Julho 2011)

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Mobilidade à Roménia (Abril 2011)

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With a focus on the generation and sharing of innovative and creative educational practices, this project aims to encourage a sense of enjoyment in learning. A key objective is to foster positive attitudes towards life-long learning; facilitating access, transfer and progression for a diverse learning community with different learning needs. Building on the 2009 European Year of Creativity and Innovation, through reflective exercises it is hoped that practitioners will be inspired to adopt innovative and creative methods in the context of facilitating learning rather than merely imparting knowledge.

Acknowledging the higher number of learners moving from informal settings to more formal routes, a further aim of the project is that by the promotion of “enjoyment in learning”, learners will be more motivated to avail of opportunities for progressing on the path of life-long learning. Through a series of workshops, adult education practitioners will reflect on, share and design innovative approaches to supporting the development of the key competencies for education and training as identified by the European Commission.

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